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The BIASI service network has 200 companies and a team of nearly 500 people at your service. In all cases, please try to choose the service centre nearest to you for your installation, if possible.

BIASI offers a 3-year warranty on condensing boilers, subject to the following conditions:

the appliance can be commissioned ONLY by a BIASI service technician;
The appliance must be accompanied by proof of payment (invoice);
a receipt must be presented;
chimney sweep certificate, if required;
building services drawing, if required;
The annual maintenance of the appliances is recommended, because then the efficiency of the appliance is restored to its original state after cleaning and maintenance, which reduces consumption. If any maintenance is not carried out in one year, the appliance will lose its warranty.

You should install and operate the device after a maximum of 9 months from the date of purchase, as the warranty will always start after 9 months.

Biasi gas boilers are a great choice for homes of families who want to equip their property with a quality boiler that will operate efficiently and stably on a daily basis. To ensure perfect and optimal operation, it is important not only to have the right boiler and accessories, but also to ensure that the necessary servicing is always available. This is no different with Biasi gas boilers.

On this map search page, you will find the authorised service networks for boilers in the country that specialise specifically in this kind of work. In the case of Biasi gas boilers, the staff and technicians working for the service partners listed here are only authorised to officially commission the boilers, to service them professionally or to carry out any necessary boiler installations and repairs. The independent partner installers working here are professionals who have the expertise and knowledge you would expect to keep your gas boiler running properly, continuously and optimally. Please use the service network search function here to find the nearest service station to where you live. The addresses on the site are always up-to-date, so you can quickly and easily find the Biasi boiler service that is easiest for you to contact with any questions or problems.

Find the service networks with confidence!